Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The First Meeting of the AVPA

The first genereal meeting of the AVPA was held Saturday, November 24th at the Toad 'n' Turtle Pub in Red Deer. From Edmonton, Michael J, Michael B, Miriam R and Robin S were present, and from Calgary, Caleb B, Kirstin B, Brendon S, Tanya S and Nick L. Amongst all the lollygagging and merrymaking, plans for the future of the association were discussed and are summarized below:

- We will form a master e-mail list for all those wishing to be involved in the association.
- We are looking for alternate suggestions to the motto 'It's Never Too Dead'
- We are aiming to hold another meeting in a similar informal pub type settting in the new year, with a focus on discussing our current research. The aim is to have more of a dialogue about our work, rather than a monologue.
- We hope to include professors and researchers from the Tyrrell Museum, if interested.
- We hope to have field trips on weekends whenever possible, probably in Dry Island as it is central to Edmonton and Calgary.
- We hope to hold workshops at both universities and the Tyrrell on subjects yet to be determined.
- We hope to get together for dinner after the APS and UAPS symposia.
- We hope to start a blog on which everyone may post ideas, opinions and suggestions. (Check!)

If you wish to post on this blog, let me (Kirstin) know and I will add you as a contributor. If you have any suggestions on the appearance of the blog, post!


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Caleb said...

Hey K,

Thanks for putting this together. A great start. =)

Now we will see where this goes from here....