Sunday, November 2, 2008

November all ready?

The DRI dinner was last night and a lot of fun! It went very quickly for me which may have had something to do with the combination of Tylenol non-drowsy sinus medication (I can't seem to kick the SVP creeping crud) and two quick Smirnov Ice's. There was an excellent turn-out and everyone seemed to have a good time. Personally, I was happy that the skull cut-outs that I made were so well received. "Hunh?" you say. We decided this year to use paper cut-outs of dinosaur skulls to determine the length of tickets that you could buy for the raffle. So for $5 you got tickets that measured the length of an ornithomimid skull, for $10 it was a Centrosaurus skull and for $20 it was twice the length of an Albertosaurus skull. And now I realize that I didn't take any pictures of the skulls on display! Damn those yummy Smirnov Ices! Anyway, they were a hit and I was much relieved. I was also relieved that the Calgary Flames jersey that I donated (after winning it at a raffle earlier this year) went for quite a bit in the silent auction. Yay! The auction had all kinds of really cool goodies in it this year including an original painting by Michael Skrepnick (who also is fighting the SVP cold), a really beautiful Ammolite necklace, an autographed copy of Judy (Horan) Williams dinosaur book, and a guided tour of the Burgess Shale, among lots of other cool things.

The dinner itself was delicious and we were treated to short talks by Victoria Arbour and Derek Larson of the University of Alberta who updated everyone on the latest results of their research. After dessert, Dr. Phil Currie of the University of Alberta gave a longer talk on the latest dinosaur discoveries from Western Canada. We were also treated by the presence of Dr. Michael Ryan who was visiting from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

The night was a success and I'm all ready looking forward to next years gathering. : )

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