Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Paleo2009 symposium

The Alberta Palaeontological Society's annual symposium is being held this weekend (March 14-15) at Mount Royal College in Calgary. Registration is free. Here's a list of Saturday's speakers:

9AM - introduction by APS president Don Quinsey

9:15 - Prothero, Occidental College, Los Angeles

"Stasis in late Pleistocene birds and mammals from Rancho La Brea during last glacial- interglacial cycle"

10:00 - Don Brinkman, Royal Tyrrell Museum, Drumheller

"The non-marine fish of the Late Cretaceous and early Paleocene of Western North

America - evidence from microvertebrate sites"

10:30 - Coffee break

10:45 - * Danielle Fraser, University of Calgary

"Studying latitudinal variation in the reponse of ungulates to late Miocene climate


11:15 - Keiichi Aotsuka, Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, Morden

"The first occurrence of the Baptornithidae in the Pierre Shale Formation (Pembina

Member) of Manitoba"

11:45-1:45 - Lunch break and poster viewing

1:45 - Darren Tanke, Royal Tyrrell Museum

"The use of helicopters in paleontological field work in Alberta, Canada"

2:15 - Murray Gingras, University of Alberta

"Pleistocene walrus predation; trace fossil evidence in Willapa Bay, Washington"

2:45 - * Jason Anderson, University of Calgary

"The impact of the 'frogamander' on ideas of modern amphibian evolution"

3:45 - Coffee break

4:00 - Joseph Hatcher, Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, Morden

"Paleotaxa of the Pierre Shale Formation, Southern Manitoba"

5:00 - Finish

There is also a workshop being held on Sunday from 9-12 AM on the "Comparative osteology of the fossil marine taxa of Southern Manitoba" by Joseph Hatcher of the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Morden. Registration for the workshop is manditory and costs $15.

* I've heard that these two may be switched around, but don't have confirmation of that fact.

There will also be poster presentations and fossils on display.

Hope to see everyone there!

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